POPAI Awards Paris 2019

« For over 50 years, all around the world, the American or Cigar Store Indian has been rewarding excellence in retail marketing professions: POP advertising design, commercial architecture, in-store digitalisation and Merchandising Concept deployment.

The POPAI network adopted the American Indian as the symbol for its contest; because it represents the first ever form of POP advertising in the world. In the 17th century, these wooden totems were placed in front of stalls to advertise they were selling tobacco. 

While retail marketing solutions (in place of POP advertising) have come a long way since, the main objective remains unchanged: to inform and attract consumers in-store as part of an overall memorable experience. »

Prosper Hayoun, POPAI France President

The POPAI Awards Paris is regarded all around the world as the leading showcase for retail marketing achievements and a true innovation hub. 
But the contest is more than just a “showcase”, it is also a meeting place and a source of inspiration for the entire retail marketing community.
This, the 56th edition of the contest, will honour the most successful, creative and innovative achievements in POP advertising, merchandising, shop fitting and in-store digitalisation.


New this year!

A change of scenary to have great ideas and discover the lastest trends in the marketing at retail.

Your next rendez-vous will take place at the City of Fashion and Design, a reference to the first « POP days » launched in 1983 which took place also on Austerlitz docks!

This contemporary place dedicated its spaces to the vanguard of fashion and design with a unique view on the « Seine » and Paris will welcome on the 26th of March 2019 the contest of POPAI Awards!


Key figures



The entries, submitted by some 100 companies, are grouped into over 30 categories, representing all retail marketing professions and reflecting the diversity of advertisers, with the spotlight on all sectors of activity and distribution networks.


 Jury members

The judging panel, comprising exclusively advertisers, brands and retail brands, each renowned for their expertise, will assess every competing project against a scorecard, with the relevant scoring criteria tailored to each specific category… Precision and pertinence are the order of the day!



Everyone will come together to enjoy the POPAI Awards gala evening on 13 June 2019 at the Pavillon d’Armenonville recently renovated. A unique event, with the award ceremony and a dinner on the programme: business, chatting and fine dining...


The POPAI Awards are an event of POPAI France

POPAI France is the only association with the sole aim of providing a service to advertisers (brand and retail) and creative/production staff working in the Marketing at Retail sector. Founded in the United States in 1936, the association helps members develop their understanding of consumer behavior and awareness of point-of-purchase communication tools.

Concretely, this translates into carrying out studies and organizing professional training programs. It also publishes the professional's resource guide. It co-organizes the MPV tradeshow and holds the POPAI Awards Paris competition which celebrates the best initiatives concerning POP, advertising and information, commercial furniture, and digital media. Last but not least, the association also represents its members at national and international conferences. Through its actions, the association promotes Marketing at retail.

More information on www.popai.fr

« Event reference for Marketing at Retail players, the competition of POPAI awards has been rewarding for more than 50 years the best realisations whose objective is to animate, transform, get a ROI or sublimate the Point of Sales (shop equipment, connected systems, merchandising, shopper experience, commercial architecture…). It represents much more than a competition! Its purpose is not only to grant awards but to support the entire profession by promoting and rewarding the excellence of all players. It values the work did by your teams and honours the customer/ manufacturer! »
Sandrine Jean, POPAI France Director


  26 March 2019
  Cité de la Mode et du Design
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