Official rules
The total amount of the participation includes:

- Registration and insurance fees : 390 € excl. VAT
- Prices per entry (see below).


Prices decrease depending on the number of entries.
All the prices are VAT excluded.

Entries POPAI member
Not POPAI member
1st 750 € 950 €
2nd 690 € 890 €
3rd 690 € 890 €
4th 690 € 890 €
5th and + 590 € 790 €
Beware! Specific prices for the « Product line / Campaign » thematic.

Lines (minimum 3 items)

POPAI member Not POPAI member
1st line 1000 € 1200 €
2nd line and + 900 € 1100 €
Additional item 500 € 600 €
 • Size of entries
Entries exceeding euro-pallet, i.e. 800 x 1200 mm * will be charged an extra 380  per exceeding euro-pallet.

>> Download the explanatory map of the europallet

Important: floor dimension and not entry dimension.
• Logistic support
All the participants can choose to order a logistic support.

There are 2 levels of support:

> Standard support: 220 € for each entry

This support includes reception, setting up and dismantling of your entry. The necessary time to build the display mustn't exceed 30 minutes by only one installer.

> Bespoke support: quotation depends on the complexity of the entry to install.

This support requires the presence of one person from the company that has entered the entry equipped with the tools necessary for the installation of the display.

For any quotation, your contact is lucille.bonamy@reedexpo.fr.

The participant is responsible for the shipment and reshipment of the displays, at his own expenses.

The organizer requires from the participant the sending of the setting up documents one month before the event.

The organizer has the right to refuse to provide a logistic support to a participant if it goes beyond the competences of the organizer.
• Screen, Electricity and Adapter
- Screen (electricity, maintenance and installation included): 195 € for each entry concerned.

- Fixed rate for electricity (socket + power supply 220V/50 Hertz) : 150 € for each entry concerned.

- Adapter for international standards: 50 € for each entry concerned.
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